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I think we should get in touch. With an IT background, a master in economics (#entrepreneurship and #innovation) and 15+ years of professional experience, I collected numerous skills - both technical and human - in #politics, #economics and #technologies to professionally help you with your project and challenges. I may do #analysis, elaborate #strategies, set up #processes, build up and manage #communities to reach your goals. My mindset goes through #innovation, #future, #positivity, #openness and #sharing. I do fluently speak French, German and English. My #network of friends and acquaintances goes far beyond the borders of Switzerland where I currently live.

Someone told me the true question is not ‘Who is Charly Pache?’ but ‘Who ARE Charly Pache?’ ;-)
I did my best to list below my main projects and activities, past and current, without those I wouldn’t be the one I am.
I would be happy to get in touch for any collaboration.

If you like what I do and would like to contribute to it, I’m always happy to get some support on my paypal or directly on the projects accounts: Generation Nomination | FabLab Fribourg. THANK YOU!


FabLab Fribourg-Freiburg | enabling makers since 2013

Founder and FabLab Manager | (ongoing)

We are one of Switzerland’s most dynamic and active FabLab. We organize workshops, educate our members, organize activities on national and european level. I’m currently working with Guillaume Reymond (aka on special team building workshops for schools and enterprises, contact us, you may see our first try with a water rocket here.

My media appearances related to the fablab project:
* 2016.04.15 - Radio Fribourg | Collaboration Gambach & FabLab
* 2015.12.03 - Espace 2 | Babylone | ‘FabLabs et Open Source’
* 2015.08.17 - La Premiere | ‘Charly Pache, le FabLab de Fribourg’
* 2015.05.20 - La 1ere | Bille en tete
* 2014.12.13 - RTS1 | 19:30 | Ateliers de Noel
* 2014.12.11 - La Gruyere
* 2014.10.16 - LA TELE | Un Fab-Lab ouvre ses portes a Fribourg
* 2014.11.06 - La Gruyere
* 2013.12.08 - LA TELE | L’avenir du monde du travail
* 2013.09.24 - La Liberte
* 2013.08.23 - AGEFI

Swiss Game Center | fostering swiss touch games

Project Manager | (ongoing)

The Swiss Game Center has been set up to foster ‘swiss touch’ video games creation. We want to create revenue and jobs for swiss creatives. My roles are to take care about event organisation, partnerships, administration, startup coaching and fund raising. Our team and board are very efficient and dedicated. We are doing education, networking and are looking for opportunities in the game industry and around. Our big annual event is the Swiss Game Academy (100 participants in 2015, about 200 in 2016). In 2015-2016 we supported the creation of three startups: Oniroforge, WTF-Society and Wild Kiwi Studio. Media appearance on LA TELE, ‘Reservoir’ with journalist Zelda Chauvet: part one (from 5’40) | part two | part three.

Our current projects are :
* Swiss Game Academy | a week to learn how to create video games | Article in La Liberte | Article in Le Matin | Broadcast on LA TELE
* Health Game Jam | a joint-venture with LIFT and Breathing Games to develop therapy games for children who suffer from cystic fibrosis. I was interviewed by Aurore Bui for BILAN in April 2016 about social innovation and the breathing initiative (serious gaming).
* Swiss Game Corner | a programme to make swiss creation visible and an opportunity to sell swiss touch games and hence create revenues for new projects.

Generation Nomination | democracy is not an option

Campaign Manager | (ongoing)

Sharing powers is essential in a true democracy. Today, unfortunately, politics is still mainly the privilege of the few. And decision making is often made without taking into consideration the interests of the weakest in our societies. Thus limiting our freedoms and quality of life.

I started in 2013 already, by gathering information on the topic of democracy and elections. My main role is to set up the processes that will lead to a consequent supporting community and crowdfunding campaign. You will find our numerous media appearances on this page:

Our goal is to lead the most interesting democratic campaign ever. Have a look at

antipa | political laboratory and unegotic aparty

President (elected by sortition) | (ongoing)

What are political parties doing wrong so that there are more and more unpopular? In ‘democratic’ Europe, barely 4.65% of the population is linked to a party.

This is what we want to sort out to make ‘parties’ attractive again. To write a set of best-practices and other cool experiments to show what could be a political party in the future : collaboration instead of competition, fostering youngster, inform instead of convince, sortition instead of election for positions inside the movement, as well as on electoral lists and so on and so on.

I bring my experience as political activist to this movement.

Healthcare | Reflexion Sante Suisse

Contributor | (ongoing)

Health is one of the most precious thing in life. The freedom to choose what fits best to your body is elementary. The current tendency goes toward more and more medication, through marketing or even forcing people to accept treatments without informing them properly about the risks. Side effects of drugs is the third cause of death in Switzerland, after cancer and heart diseases. In 2013 I was campaign coordinator for Western Switzerland of the referendum against the revision of the ‘epidemies law’. We lost with 40% but with no financial means to inform the citizen. We then realized that there is no group in Switzerland which is informing politicians about health except the pharma industry lobbies and other health professional lobbies which all earn money with healthcare. This was clearly a bias and a conflict of interests and we decided to create Reflexion Sante Suisse, the first citizen and independant information group about health. We now got permanent access to the Parliament and go on a regular basis to inform MPs about new research. Autorities stick very often to old studies which are most of the time in favour of the healthcare business. We want to change this.

Some actions I contributed to:
* 2015.02.04 - LA TELE | ‘Faut-il se faire vacciner contre la grippe?’
* 2014.12.10 - Parliament: flue vaccine for all pregnant women?
* 2013.09.22 - La 1ere | My reaction as campaign leader (from 1h49:00)
* 2013.09.12 - LA TELE | ‘Loi sur les epidemies: pour ou contre ?’
* 2013.08.12 - My analysis: old VS new health law

Debates | Utilopia and more

Organizer | (ongoing)

In 2012 I created UTILOPIA with some friends. This is my ‘humanist’ endeavour. The goal was to inform about what is going in the world by watching documentaries, talking together and taking action. Some of these actions went into autonomous projects or workshops. I organized many public debates on various topics, some of them with Sept and Payot (‘Mammobusiness’, ‘Jean Ziegler’ and ‘Organized Crime’), either under the name Utilopia or behind the curtains. I discovered the topic of whistleblowing, attending the International Whistleblowing Conference in Amsterdam in 2014 with Yasmine Motarjemi, a Nestle whistleblower we supported through her case. I met there as well war journalist Vedat Xhimshiti and former MI5 agent Annie Machon. Impressive people. More recently in 2016, we co-organised a Nuit Debout de Jour in Fribourg, inviting local positive initiatives to gather and share.

Some links:
* Yasmine Motarjemi support page on Facebook
* Article I wrote about Yasmine Motarjemi case (French)

Basic Income | Initiative 2016

Campaigner | (ended 2016)

I started with this topic in 2013 with a first public conference at the Grange de Dorigny in Lausanne. I then collected signatures and joined the swiss chapter of the Basic Income Earth Network ( as a member of the board. During the campaign, I used to linked the french and german speaking parts by attending national meetings. I was coordinator for the canton Fribourg, where we set up a very competent supporting team. We organized and took part to many public events and debates in French and German, a press conference with local celebrities. We took part into actions in Fribourg, Basel, Zurich, Bern and Geneva and informed a lot of citizen in the streets. Political parties invited us to speak in favour of the initiative in front of their members.

* 2016.05.11 - Radio Fribourg | Debate against Didier Castella, Liberal
* 2016.04.08 - La Liberte | ‘Le salaire a vie sera debattu a Fribourg’


Scientific Collaborator | (ended 2015)

I was project manager of the swiss participation to the project AlpCluster2020, part of the EU programme AlpineSpace. We focused on industrial clusters but we had a wider mission, to analyse the 57 projects of AlpineSpace, check their impact and release a serie of recommandations to be used for the next call for projects, to improve the efficiency of the programme. We worked with teams from Germany, Italy, Austria and France. I made a survey and contacted hundreds of project managers who took part to Alpine Space projects, I gathered and analysed the data to write a set of recommandations. Furthermore, we organized workshops with swiss SME’s and our international partners and took care about the social media and internet presence of our project.

Teaching and managing students projects

Substitute Teacher | (ended 2015)

I teached for 10 months as a substitute teacher at the school of multimedia design in Fribourg. It was a great time, experiencing contact with young people and going through teaching and projects with them. During this time we documented (movies/photos/sounds) the last moments of the Imprimerie St-Paul biggest rotative, built eikon’s booth at an education fair (start), almost created a startup and did many other exciting smaller projects and tasks.

Preventing pedophiles from working with children

Initiative Campaign Assistant | (ended 2014)

My role was to assist Christine Bussat during the campaign. I took part to national strategic coordination meetings, to debates on radio and television and I managed our french speaking social media. One epic episode in this campaign was to sue the Swiss Federal Council as they lacked neutrality during the campaign, as they should have behave considering the two chambers of the parliament didn’t share the same opinion about the initiative. We got support from some politicians, like Christophe Darbellay, and articles in La Liberte and in Tages Anzeiger.

Media assignments:
* 2014.05.18 - LA TELE | 63,5% voted yes to our initiative, our reaction
* 2014.04.11 - Les Observateurs | ‘Casiers judiciaires effacables’
* 2014.04.09 - LA TELE | Debate against Carlo Sommaruga (hard one!)
* 2014.04.08 - Les Observateurs | ‘La brochure du Conseil federal’
* 2014.03.20 - La 1ere | En ligne directe | ‘Tolerance zero ?’

Party Time | Pirate Party & Green Liberals (ended 2014)

Former Vice-President Pirate Party Switzerland | Former President Pirate Party Fribourg | Former Delegate Green Liberals Fribourg

This was my beginner time as a politician. I took part in the management of a local and national party at a decisional level. I was candidate, on communal level - I missed a seat for 30 suffrages - and on national level for both chambers of the parliament. I got the best pirate score at that level, being unknown in Fribourg at the time. I learned a lot. I met high-level decision makers, journalists and many other interesting people. I took part in debates, learned somehow how to deal with radio and television appearances. I got conflicts and realized from the inside what goes wrong in political parties. Very often because of human nature. I met friends for life too, even on international level. And this period contributed a lot to my personal development. I decided I would change things that go wrong. I’m still member of as they do a great job.

Media appearances:
* 2012.05.06 - Le Nouvelliste | Pirate Party Valais creation
* 2012.03.20 - Le Matin | Manifestation anti-ACTA Lausanne
* 2012.03.12 - La Liberte | Resultats election 2012
* 2012.03.11 - LA TELE | Resultats election 2012
* 2012.02.26 - Freib. Nach. | ‘Der Kapitan der freiburger Piraten’
* 2012.02.14 - La Gruyere | ‘Lutter contre le collectivisme’
* 2012.02.14 - Freib. Nach. | Der Politpirat mit der ruhigen Stimme
* 2012.02.12 - LA TELE | ‘Debat succession BERSET’
* 2012.02.07 - LA TELE | ‘Un politicien mais deux partis’
* 2012.01.29 - LA TELE | ‘Un pirate a l’abordage’
* 2012.01.26 - Le Temps | ‘Le Parti Pirate a l’assaut du siege de Berset’
* 2012.01.26 - La Liberte | ‘Pirate idealiste a l’abordage des Etats’
* 2012.01.26 - La Gruyere | ‘Les longues dents du pirate’
* 2012.01.24 - RSR La 1ere | Le journal du matin
* 2012.01.17 - La Liberte | ‘La partie se jouera a quatre’
* 2010.10.06 - LA TELE | ‘Qui finance les partis ?’

Rasha's case | For more human asylum procedures

My role: St-Bernard (ended 2013)

Rasha is Syrian and flew her country because of the war, to be in safety. I met her in a train in Valais, she went to her French course, we kept in touch. Ten days later, her sister told me she was put to prison - for the first time in her life. I was shocked. The following day, our swiss president, Didier Burkhalter, held speech at a special session of the UN Human Rights in Geneva, telling the audience the situation in Syria is catastrophic and that we should do more to help Syrians. I could not accept this while in the background, Switzerland put innocent Syrians in prison, in my country, in my canton. So I mobilized quite a lot of well-known swiss people for a supporting comittee, we wrote an open letter to Didier Burkhalter and we even took action in parliament with a question and an interpellation. We found a brilliant lawyer for Rasha and set up a supporting community which helped her a lot to go through all this. We set up a petition on AVAAZ and collected 1’269 signatures. She has been quickly transfered to Roma and we helped her there with contacts, some of them working for Shortly after, she was selected to represent Syria at the One World Summit and held there a moving speech. My conclusion is that to totally delegate humanitarian questions to heartless administration procedures - they even made heavy mistakes in her case - is from far not a good idea.

Media intervention:
* 2013.03.23 - Nouvelliste | ‘La Syrienne a ete expulsee’
* 2013.03.13 - Radio Chablais | Le Club de l’info | Affaire Rasha
* 2013.03.02 - Gauche Hebdo | ‘Requerante menacee de renvoi’

Minder Initiative | Decency VS 'Modern' Top Managers

Campaign Assistant | Meeting beautiful people (ended 2013)

This was my first ‘big’ campaign. I was second in command in Romandie, with Francois Meylan leading the group. Beside Thomas Minder, I met the great Cornelio Sommaruga, Christine Bussat, Paulo Bernasconi and many more who are still today friends and activists. My main job was social media, writing our flyer, organizing events and activities.

Please find here below some media appearances:
* 2013.03.04 - LA TELE | Reaction after we won votation
* 2013.02.20 - Freib. Nach. | Debat Schwaller-Pache | cover
* 2013.02.18 - 24Heures | Flash-Mob Carton Jaune
* 2013.02.17 - LA TELE | Flash-Mob Carton Jaune Lausanne
* 2013.02.11 - La Liberte | Comite Fribourg
* 2013.01.08 - LeTemps | ‘Contre le fric, le coeur’
* 2013.01.08 - AGEFI | Comite Romand | online

Institute for Entrepreneurship and SME's | HEG Fribourg

Scientific collaborator and master student (ended 2010)

While I was doing my master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I worked 60% as a scientific collaborator at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and SME’s in Fribourg. I worked on many projects related to entrepreneurship, I wrote studies and reports, did surveys and statistical analysis, organized events and even teached. One big project was the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey, a survey about students awareness, intentions about entrepreneurship, about their entrepreneurial mindset in general. I managed the survey for western Switzerland. My master thesis was about entrepreneurship institutes worldwide, I could get in touch with people worldwide and analyse cultural differences. Few years before I attended Business Experience, a students startup teaching programme at HES-Valais and also attended Venturelab courses. I’m currently working on a entrepreneurial game for school kids with Graines d’Entrepreneurs.

Please find some links:
* The Institute for Entrepreneurship & SME’s
* Dr. Fred Kiesner, a very inspiring entrepreneurship professor

Space Activities | Rocket-Science-Charly

From child dream to space engineer (ended 2008)

As far as I remember it all started when I was 13 with a book about space exploration. I loved the drawings and it opened my imagination to things that are not yet existing but possible to reach by working hard. It started for real when I was student: ESA invited 453 european students to the annual IAF conference in Amsterdam in 1999. Impressive and so great to meet people from all around the world wanting the same. This is humankind how we would like to see it more often. After I came back, very excited, I set up at the EPFL a group of students taking part in an ESA Outreach Office project called SSETI (Student Space Exploration & Technology Initiative), which goal was to build and launch a micro-satellite. I organised a public conference with Claude Nicollier in 2000, a very inspiring man. I went to Kourou in French Guyana to the european space port to attend the launch of an Ariane 4 rocket with full payload (Brasilsat B4 and Nilesat 102). In 2002, I was selected again with 100 other european students to attend the World Space Congress in Houston, the biggest event of that kind with 10’000 participants. There I visited the Houston Space Center in Galveston. I went many times to the ESA’s technical facilities in Noordwijk/Netherlands, called ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre), for visiting and workshops. My ‘specialization’ at that time was to developp a trade-of management software complying to ESA’s quality norms. I met engineers, astronauts and a bunch of great other people too. I was a member of the Swiss Space Association. Later I worked in the space industry for Clemessy on two satellite projects, Pleiades and GAIA. More recently I have been astronomy guide on top of Moleson mountain for more than one year. And I build water rockets at the FabLab ;-)

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